Principles Of Lal Kitab ?

A man’s fate is ordained by God in which secrets of his life, death and course of events are hidden. He has also ordained to take care of the ungrateful. The subject of the aerial thought would undoubtedly indicate the day of death or secret of sex of a child in the mother’s womb-Nevertheless, it is inadvisable to forecast the same before time. While there is remedy for illness, there is no escape from death. Astrology, being the knowledge of the Unknown, is not magic nor a mantra. It comprises of all worldly considerations without any claim to divinity. It is to some extent a source of help for personal protection and tranquillity of I he soul. It is not a weapon to be used against others. In the arena of fate, if (he drain water (fortune) is obstructed, then, with the help of Astrology, appropriate effort could be made to set the course of events right by removing obstructions. But no increase or decrease can be made in the quantity of water (Fortune). It is possible at times to raise a protective wall with the help of Astrology before a rapacious lion (evil events) assaulting a person so that the lion may not cause any harm. Even if the lion assaults with ferocity, without trying to cage it, a wall (of protection) with spiritual help could be raised. The lion would get exhausted, abandon the idea of assault and the man would get exhausted, abandon the idea of assault and the man would automatically be spared. of the harm.

The Lal Kitab (Red Book) is auspicious if it is bound in red colour. All other colours (excepting red) would prove inauspicious.
This treatise is based on “Samudrik Shastra.” It has been written in the form of different Commandants (Chapters). Repeated reading of the book would unfold the secrets of the subject.
There is no remedy for doubts and suspicion. To start raising doubts.
Even before testing anything, would not prove helpful for proper understanding of the subject. Secrets of a subject can be unravelled only if our approach is positive.
Casting a horoscope and ascertaining its correctness may be attempted only after understanding of the subject. In the meantime, experience may be gained from the horoscopes made on the principles of traditional Astrology. However, trying to understand the subject through one’s own horoscope would prove to be counterproductive.
The real friend is one who points out the defects. Pointing out infirmities of the subject, in fact, would be helpful in augmenting knowledge. One should refrain from speaking ill of any other expert on the subject of Astrology. There is no doubt that ill feelings dominate the polluted minds of men with limited knowledge and foolish satirical kings. However, it would be humane and kind to give the benefit of the knowledge of the subject to other friends in good faith; since goodness breeds goodness.
Prudence demands that one should not take cudgels against destiny. One cannot author one’s own fate. The most auspicious course of life is the one, which has been pre-ordained. The most powerful, the brave and the ambitious cannot achieve results despite hectic efforts except those, which are destined and predetermined. One is, at times astonished to see marvelous things happening in a few magic moments and one is left wondering as to what is the secret of this entire marvel. Indeed, the answer to this is simple. When destiny (Jupiter) shines, a beggar becomes a king, notwithstanding the fact whether he has the strength where-withal or the need there of.

  1. This System is based on Samudrik Shastra. It helps in rectifying the Ascendant of the horoscope made in accordance with traditional Astrology. When traditionally, reference is made to three rounds of Saturn’s evil transit of two and a half years each, events like snakebite, collapse or auction of the house, defects in eyesight, troubles upon paternal uncle bordering on death or loss of machines should indicate that Saturn is giving its malefic effects. Alternatively, it could be the sub-period of Sun in Sun Saturn; or 7-1/2 years of evil impact of transit of Saturn on Moon sign. It is better to base one’s understanding on firm events rather than on mere speculation. By correcting the horoscope with the help of palmistry, supplemented by the knowledge of events of life, Annual Charts unto 120 years of age can be made with the help of matrix given in the second part of the Lal Kitab.
  2. In cases of ‘doubtful’ condition of planets, very simple and inexpensive remedies have been suggested which have been found to give results at opportune times.
  3. The subject of Astrology is very vast. Hence, only those issues have been discussed which are of very serious and grave nature. Instead of talking of simple fever or minor troubles, it is better to feel concerned about TB, epilepsy, paralysis; or life or otherwise of a person, hi short, every effort has been made to remove various doubts and apprehensions.
  4. In traditional Astrology, if Rahu (Dragon’s head /Ascending Node) is in the House No.l, Ketu (Dragon’s tail/Descending Node) would always be in the House No. 7. Mercury too would be moving around Sun in its proximity . But such restrictions on planetary positions have not been.
  5. Taken in this treatise, Hence Rahu and Kclu could as well be nearer or farther, and at times they could even be together. Similarly, Mercury is not treated as tied with Sun. In fact, each planet has been presumed to be free to move or take a position of its own and would have its full distinct individuality, as per Annual chart.
  6. In this system, while analyzing a horoscope, considerations of Signs and Constellations have been done away with. The Ascendant has been taken as H. No. 1, and the rest of the Houses are counted next in an anti-clockwise fashion in the order of sequence. However, the position of planets remains the same as in the traditional chart. The effect of different planels is read as per their positions in respective numeral houses. There is no need to resort to lengthy calculations based on ephemeries. Constellations Signs, Lordship of various Houses are no longer necessary. The effect of planets is considered by articles, business or relationships related to them.

But in general Astrology is governed by a certain principles which are founded on the basis of the position of the planets in relation to the ascendant or the first house, that way, Lal Kitab spells out some more principles, such as

  1. If two inimical planets occupy a single house, they are friends, however, they will independently show their effects of occupying that particular house, and just because they are friends their capacity to do whatever they are supposed to do by virtue of occupying the particular house will not be reduced because of this conjunction.
  2. When two planets, who are friends by default, if they occupy the same house, they become extreme friends and complement each other’s prowess.
  3. When a female planet joins Saturn in any house, both the planet being aspected by any other planet, the quality of the aspecting planet will become injurious to the native or native’s relatives.
  4. Generally, planets are powerful in their Pucca Ghar or permanent house, or exalted house, which means the sign in which they are powerful, give good benefits to the subject, while the converse is true, that is planets not having been positioned in their Pucca Ghar, their pucca ghar being occupied a malefic planet, then the malefic planet would destroy the good results that particular house may otherwise give.
  5. When examining a chart, the houses 1, 7, 8 and 11 are to be examined in a combined manner, as they have good connection and influence, the planets in the first house or ascendant are considered the Ruler and the planet in 7th will be the Minister, the one in the 8th being the Ruler’s eyes the planet in the 11th will be the ruler’s foot, while the planet in 11th house is inimical to the planet in the 1st house, the foot will not walk the way the ruler commands resulting in bad effects on what the 11th house is supposed to give.
  6. While examining a horoscope, the 1st, 7th, 8th and 11th houses must be examined together as they are mutually interested. The planets in the ascendant is treated as a ruler and the one in the 7th acts as his minister. The planet in the 8th is the eye of that ruler, whereas the planet in the 11th house is the ruler's foot.
    More planets in the 7th house than the 1st house shows that the ruler does not have required control over his minister. If the planets in the 11th house are inimical to the planets in the first house, then they will not obey the command of the ruler i.e., the results of the 11th house will be adversely affected.
  7. The planets of the 8th house (eyes) guide the planets of the 7th house (minister) and control their actions and effects. If the planets of the 1st and 8th houses are friendly, then the planet in the 7th house can not play any mischief.
  8. Mars in the 7th is considered to be highly conducive for gaining large property. But if Mercury is in the Lagna, it will destroy the properties. It will be destroyed because of the foolishness of the native, because here the Mercury being in the first house is Karaka of the native. At the same time if the Mercury is in the 8th house, it will again destroy the properties, but here the reasons for destination will be unknown and invisible, because the active elements of the 8th house are always secretive and mysterious in nature over which the native has no control.
  9. Similarly, if the planets of the 1st and 11th houses destination are friendly, they will control the planets of the 7th house. If they are inimical, the results would be bad.
    The planets of the 1st house aspect the planets of the 7th house. If they are mutually inimical, then the bad results accrue because of the foolishness or unworthiness of the native. The planets of the 8th house aspect the planets of the 2nd house and thereby affect their results.
  10. The author of Lal Kitab has enunciated such significant principles of astrology that stand well tested today and as such they are of utmost importance in our day to day life. In view of this, an effort is being made here to describe some unfailing principles and astrological precautions for the benefit of people at large.

They are as follows:

To begin with, no temple with idols should be constructed even for individual worship in a residential house. However, keeping photos or drawings of deities on paper is not prohibited.
This is highly inauspicious for the natives born with Jupiter in 7th house.
If there is a small dark room at the end of the house, where there is no passage for air or light, the same should be left as it is and no attempt should be made to facilitate natural light through opening windows etc. in that room; otherwise, misfortunes will strike the residents.
Places where ornaments or money is kept secretly must not be left empty. If there is nothing to be kept, please put some dry fruits there. There must necessarily be some uncemented place in a house. But if it is not feasible, the articles related to Venus must be installed and established therein.

Worship of lord Ganesh is highly auspicious for children and property.
For safe delivery of children, a milk pot filled with milk and a sugar pot filled with sugar must be touched by the delivering mother and kept at some different place. After the delivery both the pots should be offered to some temple and should not be brought back from there. Good effects will multiply if the quality of the pots is good.
If one's children do not survive the native must distribute salty preparations in place of sweets, to celebrate the birth of the child.

Digging of wells or providing drinking water facilities for public is strictly prohibited for those with moon in 6th house of the birth chart. Any violation of the above would invite utter destruction and extreme poverty.
Building of dharmshalas, sarais or inns is strictly prohibited for those having Saturn in 8th house.
Saturn in Lagna and Jupiter in 5th house cause death of children one after the other, if copper coins are given in charity.
Jupiter in 10th and moon in 4th cause false allegations and critical legal proceedings against the native if he builds temples or gurudwaras.
Financial aid to widows and scholarships to poor children are strictly prohibited for those having Venus in 9th house.
Grave consequences would folllow if a native with moon in 12th house opens schools for free education, or offers food to religious saints and Jogins.

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