LalKitab Twelve Houses

All matters are distributed among the 12 houses and each house influences certain matters. Same as in all astrological considerations and charts, LalKitab also observes the zodiac in Twelve divisions or signs, which are twelve houses of horoscope for a native commencing from the Ascendent which is Aries, irrespective of the sign in which one is born according to the time, date and place of birth. One is to judge a particular house or a few houses for any particular affair.

1st House

First house also referred as Lagna is of prime importance, from which house all the other houses are taken into account, the strength or weakness of this house according to the planets occupying this house give scope for good or bad results in a native’s life. This house also shows the native’s physical stature, colour, form and shape, and constitution in general. The Lagna is always an important factor in the matter of health. LalKitab considers this house as a house of conflict between Maya and Jiva, or simply soul and the mater, to state precisely, it is this house which creates the struggle of liberation from the clutches of Maya, being the throne of the Ruler, the achievements or otherwise for an individual are determined by the formation of this house.

The Lagna also describes the native’s station on life,general status, honour, dignity, prosperity and general well-being. LalKitab attributes this house for education, one’s intelligence and also longevity, Mars being the ruler of Aries, which is the first house according to LalKitab, the Sun who symbolizes vitality of the physical body and also soul, getting exalted here, the strength of these two planets and the entry of other auspicious planets here will determine the effect of first house to the native.

2nd House

The second house is the house of money and money matters are largely decided with reference to the second house. The second house is also considered Dharmasthana, which means place of worship, being the signifactor of wealth, honour, education and the mind, this house drawing the fruits of karma or the good are evil deeds that the native has committed earlier, which happens to be the seat of Jagat Guru Jupiter, who is the preceptor of the world generally, while 9th house whose ruler is Jupiter is taken as ocean of Karma, the belief is that the winds laden with ocean waters of Karma flow to the 2nd house, giving effect to those karmas.

Another important influence of the second house is the native’s ability to express his thoughts. The second and eighth house of the native’s horoscope should be vacant for getting good results, although it may apparently look strange, if one goes through the LalKitab concepts clearly, one would see that the occupants of 2nd, 6th and 8thhouses , the 8th house planets’ ill effects transferred to 6th house, on the aspecting point of view through the 2nd house, which possibility would be eliminated if the 2nd and 8th houses are not occupied by any planets. Second house also represent vision or the power of observation, memory and imagination also.

3rd House

This house rules one’s mental inclination and ability, memory and the inherent propensities of the mind and intellect. The third house is both auspicious and inauspicious house, in the sense, it is the house from which one can observe native’s time of exit from this mundane world and the way in which one exits, to mean it would give clue to one’s time of death and also the cause of death, while illness would be the common cause for death, third house indicates what type of illness one will have which will lead to one’s exit. The third house also deals with shor travel. If the third house or its lord has any connection whatsoever with houses 2, 6 or 10 one can take up agency and do commission business.

Malefic planets in inauspicious houses, referred as Dhusthanas, are normally taken as good placements, however, according to LalKitab, Rahu and Ketu, which are considered sinners, if placed in the third house, they will make the native meet horrible situation, if they are not able to cause an exit or death, they may lead one to deathlike situation, particularly when Rahu or Ketu comes to third house, while the 6th and 8th house, or either one of them, is occupied by malefic planets, such situation might arise, while at the same time, if the 12th house accommodates planets that give strength to the third house, then the situation will be altered. For instance, if we take a hypothetical case, where 3rd house is occupied by Ketu and the 12th house is occupied by Mars, there will not be any ill effects of Ketu on the Native, for Mars in 12th house makes him a good planet; here, one should note that Ketu and Mars are enemy planets and as per LalKitab the planet in the 12th house, whether friendly or inimical to the planet in 3rd house, it will do good to the native on 3rd house effects.

4th House

Fourth house refers to the childhood period inclusive of prenatal period and also the period of old age, moon being the lord of this house, the planets occupying the fourth house become stronger by nights, as moon is stronger by night, equally they become stronger in times of adversities and when moon does not occupy this house or other houses of Kendra namely, 1, 4, 7 and 10, no planet will give ill effect to the affairs of this house, even the celebrated maleficsRahu and Ketu will become benefics for this house, in the situation of moon not occupying any of the Kendra houses, while the bad effects to emanate from this house will be transferred to the house where Saturn is located.

For the pre-natal period if any if Jupiter, Sun, Mars or Mercury are in 4th house and child will be safe and healthy in mother’s womb before birth and even Rahu or Ketu would not be able to spoil that.

This house is also called the GRAVE.meaning there by that it is concerned with all hidden things such as private affairs, curious, secret and secret life. With regard to the good or bad effects during pre-natal period, one should know that the child will be safe and secure if any of the planets Jupiter, Mars, Sun or Mercury occupies the fourth house, the child will be healthy even if Rahu and Kethu are in positions giving ill effects.

5th House

For making astrological predictions connected with the progeny, 5th house has to be studied in LalKitab astrology, like all other systems, also to know as to how the native will prosper in the worldly activities, while Jupiter is occupying the fifth house , there will be a peaceful life with prosperity, so long as this planet is in a benefic position in varshpala charts, at the same time if the 6th or 10th house, or both, are afflicted then the articles connected with the planet that is inimical to that of 5th house is required to be kept in the underground part of the house as a remedy, and if 8th house too is afflicted then the articles should be held in the underground part of the ancestral house, while in the case where Rahu and Saturn occupying the 5th house, with Venus in 11th, Ketu in 8th and Jupiter in 10th house, illness will prevail for the partner initially, thereafter these combinations would make the son too suffer; the remedial measure for this situation, bread or flour weighing same as the son’s weight should be given to dogs in a period of 25 to 48 days duration. Likewise, the 4th or 9th house or both has afflictions, the planet in fifth house will give bad effects, while the planets in 6th and 10th house also will give bad effects, irrespective of the fact whether they are friendly or inimical planets to the 5th house planet. In such horoscopes, Rahu and Ketu will have their own influences according to their positions.

Sun rules 5th house, while Jupiter is considered Karaka graha here, becoming the natural significator of this house.

6th House

As in other beliefs, LalKitab considers 6th house as a mystic place, representing the hidden world, also the treasure house of mercy and providential help, coming from nowhere, this house being ruled by Mercury, the results of houses occupied by Ketu, Venus or Mercury are likely to be afflicted. With regard to aspects, the planets in the 2nd house, and those in 8th house through the 2nd house, aspect 6th house, in such cases, Mercury or Rahu occupying the sixth house will not give bad effects, because both of them are having exaltation in this house, while Ketu is a natural signifactor and helpful with the affairs of 6th house. LalKitab also says that 6th house planets aspected by 2nd house planets will do good, the position would be reversed if Saturn sitting in 6th house aspects 2nd house.

House No. 6 is known as the hidden world, treasure house of mercy and providential help. House No. 6 is ruled by Mercury and hence the planet in house No. 6 is likely to afflict the results of house occupied by Mercury, Ketu or Venus. House No. 6 is aspected by the planets in house No. 2 and the house No. 8 through house No. 2. In such a case if Mercury or Rahu happen to be posited in house 6 there would be no bad effects of the malefics on the house because it is the house of exaltation for both of them. Ketu is the natural significator of the affairs of the house.

It has been said above the houses 2, 6 and 8 are mutually inter-connected with each other. While attempting and modification in any of the houses including the 6th house we have to keep in view all the three houses. If house No. 6 is unoccupied there shall be no transfer of the afflictions of 8th and 2nd houses. There shall also be no aspect from 6th house to 12th house. The obvious result would be that the planets in 2nd and 12th houses will get extra strength. To avail of this opportunity is houses 2 and 3 are occupied by benefics it would always be helpful to awaken house No. 6. This is possible by serving the maternal uncles (helping them) or serving the daughters of the daughter. Except Sun,Jupiter and Moon all the other planets in 6th house would be offering their own results. Mercury and Ketu will not offer good results till the age of the planet in house 6 or 8. The question of the ages of planets will be dealt with at its proper place. Although the planets in house No. 6 are aspected by the planets in house No. 2 but the position would be reversed in the case of Saturn who will aspect house No. 2 from 6th house.

7th House

7th house represents family and family matters, which will indicate comfortable life or struggles for augmenting material needs, even bread, cloths, dwelling place etc, LalKitab describing this aspect as the native getting ground between the sky and the earth for food, Akaash, Rizque, Zameen and Akal implying metaphorically the planets Venus and Mercury, being natural significators of the house, further Venus ruling the house, the native struggling for procuring livelihood, Sun, Moon or Rahu yielding results here according to the position of Venus in the horoscope, unfortunately the bad results arising out of the position of Venus cannot be warded off with any remedial measures, LalKitab conveying helplessness in this respect, whereas bad results out of the position of Saturn, Mercury and Ketu can be mitigated by remedies prescribed by LalKitab.

House No. 7 is known for the family affairs, where the native has to struggle hard for fulfilling his material wants of bread, clothing the housing etc. It has been apply described by LalKitab in the following words.

The native gets ground between the earth and the sky for food . Here Akaash, Zameen, Rizque and Akal have been used metaphorically for Venus and Mercury because both these planets are the natural significators and Venus is also the lord of the house. The native sweats himself out in search of his food and clothing etc. Sun, Moon and Rahu offer the results according to the placement and position of Venus. Bad results due to the position of Venus cannot be improved or mitigated by remedies. In other words these results shall come to pass and the remedies will all go waste. Mercury, Saturn and Ketu shall give their results at various periods. If these results are bad we may try some remedial measures and they shall be set right or improved.

Normally the male planets affect the male relations and the female planets on affliction affect the female ones. In house 7 if the planets are more than two in number only the male relatives are affected. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are the male planets. Moon and Venus are females.

8th House

House No. 8 deals with death and justice. Here justice means eye for eye and tooth for tooth. In other words the justice is on the basis of tit for tat like demanding equal amount of punishment for the losses or damages committed, never ever giving chance for forgiving.

It is the joint seat of Mars and Saturn. Both are the natural significators of the house if Sun, Moon and Jupiter singly or jointly occupy this house the bad effects remain limited to house No. 8 and its affairs. Saturn, Moon or Mars occupying this house singly give only good fruits. Saturn, Moon or Mars occupying this house singly give only good fruits. If, however, any two or all the three together join in this house they give bad results. Saturn will give deaths after deaths. Moon shall affect the health of the persons. Mars and Mercury occupying the house jointly give good results only if Saturn occupies house No. 2. In such a case Mars shall be malefic or the negative Mars. House No. 8 has its influence on house 6. If any of these houses is afflicted the results will be bad for both the houses. In such cases the planets in 12th house should also be judged. The planets may be friendly or inimical the planets in 12th house shall influence the results. Moon is the most powerful planet for the affairs of 8th house. Moon by strength of his placement and position can undo the ill of 12th house also. The cause of the malefic nature of 8th house will be house No. 4 through house No. 2. In other words the houses 2, 4 and 8 should be judged simultaneously. The planets in house 8, if inimical to planets in 2nd house and 11th will strike at the most vulnerable point.

Saturn and Mars jointly own this house, both of them becoming natural significators when Jupiter, Moon or Sun either singly or jointly stay in this house, the bad effects will confine to the affairs of the 8th house, while the planets Mars, Moon and Saturn give good results when any one of them occupy this house as a single planet, but if two of them or all of them occupy this house adverse results will follow, such as Saturn giving death in the family, Moon affecting the health , at the same time, when Mars and Mercury jointly occupying this house will give good results provided Saturn is in the 2nd house, although Mars is a malefic planet. Because 8th house influences 6th house, if any one of these houses gets afflicted then both the houses will yield bad results, in which case, it is necessary to judge the 12th house also, planets of which house according to their relationship, friendly or inimical, results may be altered. The planet Moon has enormous power in this house.

9th House

House No. 9 is known as the commencement of luck. Lucky period of the native shall start, good or bad, when the planet in this house becomes effective. The house is considered to be a great ocean. In case the house is inert, it can be activised through house No. 2 if the other two houses namely the houses 3 and 5 are unoccupied. Any of the planets who has been dormant till he transits house No. 9 and becomes active he will give results at his own age till his period is completed. Every planet has been assigned a particular period of age. By way of illustration, if Jupiter is in house 2 and transits the house in the progressed chart he will give results at the age of 16 and continue to do so till 16 years. Planets in house No. 5 aspect the planets in house 9. If Sun or Moon occupy house 9 there will be no bad effects of even Rahu and Ketu. House No. 9 is the seat of Jupiter.

10th House

House No. 10 is treated as the ground for the foundation of luck. The planet transiting the house, according to the progressed chart, becomes a doubtful planet. This is to say that nobody can be sure about the nature of results to be given by the planet. The planet in 9 at the time of his transiting house 10 will give bad results even though the planets in house 6 & 5 are the friends. The nature of results would depend upon the nature of houses 8 and 2. The results will be bad if house 8 is afflicted and good if house 2 is in good shape. If house No. 10 is occupied by inimical planets their results shall be unpredictable An idea of the nature of results can be formed from the position and placement of Moon. If Moon is benefic good results shall be obtained. In case house 10 is unoccupied the planets in house No. 4 will not be able to give good results. Saturn is the natural significator of the house.

11th House

LalKitab keeps the 11th house as the place for the native’s status in life and condition, the native’s personal income and relationships in the world will be seen in this house, Rahu and Ketu occupying this house giving good results provided 3rd house is unoccupied by any planet, but the 8th house endowments will be bad in such case.Ketu occupying the 11th house will neutralize the good effects that Moon would give to the native, while Rahu occupying this house will spoil the good results of Jupiter, converse of this theory being true too.

LalKitab considers this house an important one and also holding the planets occupying this house, if Rahu occupies this house as a benefic, then the native should not hold any of one’s ancestral properties, as they will not stay with one, however whatever earned by the native’s own efforts and industry will remain with one pleasing one all along.

12th House

LalKitab places the 12th house as the location for the final rest, which will be in a condition according to the deeds or misdeeds that the native has done in life, while 10th house deals with one’s physical prowess, valouretc, the 12th house speaks about one’s character, in a condition when the 2nd , 6th and 8th houses are occupied by some planets, the native will have good character, houses 2 and 6 are occupied with the 8th house is empty or occupied by an inimical planet, then the native will command intellect of high order.

In general, dividing the life span of the native into 4 distinct compartments, astrological judgements can be made by examining the houses 1 to 3, 4 to 6, 7 to 9 and 10 to 12, to understand the prospects of the native in each of the compartments of life, while the planet and its position in the 11th house will indicate one’s status, which condition can be modified by the characteristics of 12th and 1st house, also the results of 12th house can be improved by improvement of positions of planets in the 1st house, while in cases where 1st house is vacant, then 2nd house should be taken for improvement.

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