What is Lal Kitab?

India is the treasure trove of mysticism and occult. The famous Lal Kitaab, meaning the red book, is an ancient Indian treatise which expounds the predictive principles. It is written about 400 years ago, in old style Urdu without much punctuation and hence it is not easy to grasp its meaning. The “Farmaans” of the book give brief hints of destiny, in poetic verses with philosophic hidden nuances. The name of the author is not known.

There are several pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses in the book. On several pages the text is on the pictures. It is called Lal Kitaab not because its red in colour but, according to the author, ” Amongst the books it is the ‘red one’ or the important one.

Lal Kitab is a remarkable branch of Vedic astrology. It is believed that the father of Modern Lal Kitab is astrologer Pt. Rupchand Joshi. However, he has attributed this wisdom to a supernatural divine being that used him as a medium to help humanity. Lal Kitab i.e. the red book of astrology was published originally in the Urdu language. Collection of the 5 books, written during the period of 1939-1952 is called Lal Kitab. The work popularly and rightly is known as “The Wonder Book” of Astrology. It’s interesting to note that “Lal Kitab” is a school of Astrology which has the credit of bringing the science of astrology to the door step of common man. Written in ancient Urdu language, first time in the history of astrology, Lal Kitab introduced a new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies. Authorship of the books seems to be disputed. Lal Kitab is a popular astrology system with stress on Karmic debts and planetary placements. While Lal Kitab is based on Vedic Jyotish it has enough differences to make it a separate system from Vedic Jyotish. Lal Kitab is a mystery in itself. It is written in ancient Urdu without the element of punctuation and sounds Greek to a layman. Poetical verses interpolated with philosophy and hidden nuances of destiny form the core 'farmaans' of the book. The authorship is unknown.

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